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Re: correction to above statement

Posted by Acheick on September 25, 2003 at 21:49:12

In Reply to: Re: correction to above statement posted by juni on September 25, 2003 at 16:42:19:

I don't understand your point. I was not "blaming" them, just stating facts.

What's being ashamed got to do with it? That's fine, we can be ashamed until the cows come home, but that doesn't help the children stuck in a situation that is only going to continue the cycles of abuse. My point was simply that to help the children the foster care system needed to be revamped and overhauled as it was and is failing them. I don't like seeing children taken from their parents, however, neither do I like seeing them stuck in a situation that leaves them bruised, dead, broken, etc., and transferred to a less than desirable alternative, you get the point, don't you? Last time I looked no one had a magic wand to turn sick families whole or a simple pill, regardless of what the root cause was/is. If you're the one who knows the answer, you could certainly market it and help all those families. However, I haven't seen it yet. Society will always have it's ills, that is a constant, it matters not what country or culture you come from. Certainly, there are degrees, some bad, some not so bad, etc., but the fact remains that there are awful things that go on in every culture, land, peoples, etc. Some of the ways we've dealt with things in the past are shocking to us now and we've changed our way of thinking. Some places still continue in age old customs and laws that seem so uncivilized to others. There is always hope for the future and a brighter day. I was merely making an observation about situations that I have seen and experienced that are tragic and possible remedies at least for the immediate future. Long term remedies and solving society's ills, well, that's a whole other subject.