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We can only speculate

Posted by WC on June 06, 2002 at 08:10:52:

In Reply to: Re: Not to that extent posted by Charlie on June 06, 2002 at 02:21:58:

I think Berg mostly drank because he liked it. I don't think he was always just using it to numb his pain but hated it. You may read that there were times like when he was love-sick and hung up over Jeane Manson and couldn't get his way that he drank himself silly. But that isn't too different from all other alocohlics who feel sorry for themselves and get drunk hoping that other people will feel sorry for them too. There is always some excuse.

The difference with Berg is that he had it made for his alcohol addiction. Most other alcoholics get to face the consquences of their actions - they get thrown out of homes, lose their friends, jobs and families, end up on the streets broke, etc. Then some of the smart ones wake up and join AA or something...

Berg on the other hand, made sure he got his way... lived as a sheltered "prophet" in his isolated environment, having his pick of young girls daily, having himself sucked when he was impotent, having his double standards smoking his cigars, being free to fly into a rage whenever he felt like it, surrounded by yes men/women, supposedly getting spiritual the more he drank... and he didn't have to worry about being rejected by his immediate family, or by his 1000s of followers, or losing income... he never really had to worry about not having his way. So all he got was a damaged body/soul instead. He had it made. He liked it that way.

We can psychologize al we want, even about serial killers and psychopaths and how they were abused as children... it's all fine until you or your loved ones are hurt, and it's all fine until you think that these people have to be stopped and that it's your call - you are the one to have to say "STOP!"

There is a time for war and a time for peace... a time for everything. I consider myself a peaceful person, yet I would kill anyone trying to rape and hurt my chiildren - I won't be psychologizing with him/her then. I am a vegetarian, yet if I were hungry enough and dying from starvation I'd probably shoot a crocodile and eat it raw - I won't be thinking about non-violence towards helpless animals then. So I believe in living peaceably with all men, and in understanding that they are fellow human beings who also suffer and are trapped in their pain, but I draw the line when they are perpetrators of serious crimes themselves. That is when I think it's not time to think about whether they are poor old victims themselves, but to put a stop to what they are doing. Right now this is my call - bad things happened to me and mine, and I am aware that some serious stuff is still happening, so I will call it like it is, and do my part in putting a stop to it.

Putting aside Hollywood, if you ask any serious law-enforcement professional about the use of guns, they don't aim for the leg ot the shoulder when someone is coming at them with a weapon, they shoot to kill. (in case I'm being misunderstood here, I have always stated that my only agenda is to empower people with truthful information)

There is a time for everything... I believe it's time to cry our for justice for the victims, not mercy for the perps.