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Cult is not too strong of a word, considering

Posted by Donny on August 09, 2002 at 00:10:43:

In Reply to: Don't you think cult is a bit strong of a word? posted by no one on August 08, 2002 at 23:45:58:

...considering that that's exactly what they are. Yes, any group that's not a mind-control cult can change. But if they're under mind-control, not. You also need to understand some basic issues. Being Buddhist is not what made the Japanese subway-gasser-group a cult. No more than being supposely 'Christian' prevents the Family from being a cult.

Mind control, is the big issue. Once you press people down so much and get them to submit unconditionally to 'anointed' leaders, then you can take them from where they started to get them to believe and do almost anything. It's a cult if you follow 'cultic leaders' who exercise control. Berg sure did that. And so do Peter and Maria. Remember? "Unquestioning obedience because I represent God to you," Berg said.

There you have a cult and I could give a tinker's damn if they start out Muslim, Buddhist or Christian. Once the cult leader gets ahold of their balls and twists just a bit, they'll believe whatever he wants them to believe.

When you joined the COG, did you ever dream you'd be certain that heaven was a big gold pyramid inside the moon or that child abuse was OK or that your wife should go out in the evenings and sell her body to pay your home's rent? Did you ever dream you'd shed a tear and submit as they took your husband or wife away, took your kids from you?

The COG may have started off as a weird Christian group, but after Berg got control of your mind, he got ahold of your balls and began to apply the pressure. Then you just smiled and said, 'yes sir' to whatever he said.