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Re: Don't you think cult is a bit strong of a word?

Posted by Joseph on August 09, 2002 at 10:59:15:

In Reply to: Don't you think cult is a bit strong of a word? posted by no one on August 08, 2002 at 23:45:58:

I found an interesting answer to this question in a somewhat unlikely place.

I was reading a book called "Corporate Cults" by Dave Arnott. The author went on to explain that any kind of organization can be a cult, even the workplace.

He used an interesting test to help one determine if they were involved in what could be considered a cult. It boiled down to three things:

1. Has the organization become your home?
2. Has the organization become your family?
3. Has the organization become your recreation?

According to the author, if all three are true, you are probably involved in a cult.

He goes on to explain that most people who are leading a mainstream life have a job, a family, and recreational activities that are separate. For example, you might work at Kmart, your family is your wife and kids (who don't work at Kmart) and you go bowling on the weekends with the guys.

One area can overlap into others (you take the kids bowling, for example). But, if all three are the same thing.. then... you are probably in a cult.

People I have met who are full time Family members do not have outside jobs, their wife and kids are in the family, and they don't normally engage in outside recreational activities (only Family sponsored ones).

Using this theory, I do not think it is too strong a word to call The Family a cult.