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Sick of the Catholic Church

Posted by A Poster's Poem on August 18, 2002 at 09:35:23:

In Reply to: Do you know what the Catholic church says? posted by Acheick on August 16, 2002 at 18:04:09:

It's Saturday and the Christian Right is out to say
No! to abortion and why can't I just see it their way?
They're out on the streets,what martyrs with placards, braving the weather
With sunshades and lawnchairs and little girls in patent leather
brand new shoes from the Galleria
even brought along their maid Maria
An obnoxious weeping lady, mascara runnin
says "If you don't listen we might come gunnin!"
Oh Lord.....

"How can women be so evil?
If they would just obey I'm sure that HE will
take care of all their needs in christ Jesus,
After all, women were made to please US"
Says the man in the crowd, just a-preachin'
While spiritless women are "A-MEN" screechin
And none of them have a clue as to why
A woman might choose to have her own life
Oh well...

It's Saturday in the 5th ward and Sunny's 11 today
But her daddy's long gone and her mama is back in the room getting laid
Shes turning tricks to support her romance with the rock
23, 5 babies, won't live to see if they grow up
And some of her boyfriends like them young and thin
And Sunny she gets her presents from them
It's a story too often told no big surprize
Just look for saddened faces and deadened eyes
Dear god....

So take your goddamn sick dead baby posters
You self-righteous judgemental not-so-holy ghosters
Put them down on the ground and get out on the streets
Help the children we have now, and the people dis-eased
The woman who CHOOSES to have children, hon
She won't have more than she can put shoes on
We don't live in the age of dinosaurs
And we are not running out so we don't have to have more and more
and more and more...and more and more..........