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to MG

Posted by no longer a follower on October 04, 2002 at 09:30:35

In Reply to: Re: Faithy Fischer posted by MG on October 04, 2002 at 02:08:31:

If you read the email in Sam's post, the subject is Faithy, not Heart to Heart in and of itself, separate from Faithy. Someone asked Sam an honest question about Faithy and Sam gave an honest answer. How would you answer if someone asked you about Faithy who had in the past spent a lot of time garnering support and government grants for certain projects. The project itself may be fine, but the facts about Faithy remain the same and unchanged. I think the people dealing with her are entitled to know just what they are dealing with. Faithy has even put out a detailed article vindicating her father, Berg, and denouncing her sister and her book, painting a horrible picture of Deborah as an evil woman bewitched by her husband. I know because I read it.

Many of us know Faithy personally and she did much in the way of damage to countless people's lives, let alone supporting her father and Maria in their crazed goal of taking over people's lives in the name of God and religion. Has she ever come out and denounced that? No, just the opposite. By all that she says and does, she is a bona fide Family member and that remains a constant. When someone asks an honest question, would you ask us to lie about it? I hope not.