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You're right, donny

Posted by Annie Oakley on October 07, 2002 at 09:29:14

In Reply to: Re: balance and fairness posted by Donny on October 07, 2002 at 08:55:34:

I heard so many F. members say they won't read James Penn's articles because they are full of lies and distortions. How do they know that if they never read it? BINGO! Because Maria and the GNs told them so. It really doesn't matter what we say, whatever words we chose to use, they will think what they want until the time comes that they are ready to hear and then they will hear all of it. It is a choice that only the individual can make themselves. I agree that it would help to use more of a language that is palatable to them, but not to the point that we pull our punches. They are already in shock that Davidito could be so against his mother. I'm sure Maria has sent out all kinds of missives trying to paint the picture of her own son as being a venemous backslider. How pitiful. Whatever we say will put them on the defensive, but for those who are willing to hear it will only open the door for more dialogue. The choice is up to them, not us. I actually had a F. member tell me that he wouldn't read any of James Penn's articles because he saw what they did to people. What do you think that was? Made them not like him, that's what, and he couldn't bear to think that he could be wrong. He's not ready to make that choice and may never be ready. It won't stop me from speaking what is the truth.