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Re: I think we're agreed

Posted by goth88 on October 22, 2002 at 12:39:07

In Reply to: I think we're agreed posted by Donny on October 22, 2002 at 12:07:30:

I agree. And I do believe they all deserve help and rehabilitation, any that WANT it. I also believe it would be most helpful to have, in an ideal transitional living place, groups specifically for SGs. I do think this transitional living place is a very big possibility. Possibly starting with one and expanding. A big city would be a good starting place. Someone familiar with grant writing. Contacts and support from corporations and private donors. I think as it expands and the need is shown (i.e. people actually going to the place(s) for assistance, and being able to commit to necessary rules to enable true recovery, i.e. no drinking, drugs, curfews, groups and classes to attend)then there will be more growth and more avenues of assistance. What do you think? Usually corporations want an idea of a structure for transitional living place. They want to see that their scholarships, assistance are going to people that want to get help and that the need is there. So a waiting list with names of actual people that WANT it would be needed. Or at the least a letter from someone who could assure that this assistance is needed by at least "X" amount of people that they know for a fact want and need the services. So the two first things that need to be presented is current known need (of people that actually are waiting and wanting the service) and a description of the services to be provided. Many orgs. start with this and then utilize grant writing, corporate sponsorship and connections to resources available on state, city and federal levels which their clients could access. As far as therapy, groups etc, connecting with teaching universities can provide volunteer students who are overseen by professionals, and volunteer therapists for 1:1 therapy. Covenant House is an international org. that has resources for youth that are homeless or throwaway and here in Houston they help them to seek work, medical care, psychological care, food, clothes, the whole shabang... These are some resources that are available NOW for youth that are currently out of the family with no place to go. C.H. allows clients to save their own money and utilize their services until the age of 21. They don't milk em and they aren't "Family". Any SG in need can go on line to find the nearest Covenant House to them. Are any SGs utilizing this?