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Dung days gone. M&P left sniffing prophet farts

Posted by Donny on November 15, 2002 at 18:05:52

In Reply to: Let's see posted by Miguel on November 15, 2002 at 17:34:46:

"The freaking false prophet pedo-file whose farts they follow." You definitely have a way with words. Well, with "f" words at least. It makes me think that maybe Berg speaking to them from the ether are like spiritual farts. Whereas his words when he was living were like dung for which we all hungered supposedly. Well, since M&P just can't get enough, farts it will have to be.

Seriously though, I think what MG said was scary: that a lot of people have been in so now and "morphed" to the group-think and lifestyle that they'd do pretty much anything leadership said. Well, I still hold out faith for a basic conscience kicking in at some ground level. Dont' give up hope on these guys getting out. When the farts really hit the fan, may then they'll wake up and smell the coffee.

Um ... let me try saying that again....

I DO think that there may be a new morph coming up for Berg's little ghost. At some point Ghostie Grandpa is gonna take a LOT more blame to satisfy the internal demands of the SGs. And THAT day will probably happen when the SGA ex-members take the Family to court. Then, instead of making right, M&P will turn the crank on Ghostie Grandpa and get him to take some more blame. But it won't stop or change a thing. Too little and too late.