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Re: moral dilemma with selective pubs and memory

Posted by in the archive on December 09, 2002 at 20:11:30

In Reply to: Re: moral dilemma posted by ray on December 09, 2002 at 17:17:36:

"...i left in 1990 b4 victor camps..."

for your own memory's sake: by 1990 the following pubs (among many) had been out...some for years:

- the davidito book
- the girl who wouldn't
- the last state
- the devil hates sex ( and i guess women too)
- the genesis series
- faithy's expose' of her sister Deb because she wrote the that expose she says Bill was having sex with joyanne when she was only 12. i will NEVER forget reading that. is that because i am a woman?
- the answer to your questions in which Berg makes it pretty clear what the loopholes are about child adult sex
- the burn after reading notices (BAR) about some of these relationships
- the FSM series of the day of reckoning in japan with the keda and faithy retraining which contained some pretty ghastly accounts of abusive behavior and training/retraining sessions, including Faithy's PUBLIC vitriolic abuse of certain people in least i used to shiver reading those...
- in India, where you have been, the VS's Tim and Faith talked publicly about he having a relationship with a 10 year old (again i freaked...when and where could i go, i felt)

and i could never say like you, oh well i left b4 1990, before the victor camps...what does that mean?
are you just a little bit in i used to be long ago? is it so easy to dismiss yourself with such a statement?
were you reading the pubs, maybe when you just went to the bathroom?
wasn't THAT enough? wasn't the last state enough?
i did not have a way or the strenght to leave when those came out and i also left in the early 1990's and i was never interviewed for a position with the 'folks'...but to act as if you did not know...i think that is the thing that makes some younger people furious. well, it makes ME upset too, but i will eventually forgive you for that, since i know you will forgive me for this very post.