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Good post, good questions

Posted by Acheick on December 09, 2002 at 23:34:32

In Reply to: Re: Re to Ray on Dilema :Post and apology from below posted by Jules on December 09, 2002 at 20:46:11:

Again, thanks for speaking up. Us older folks really need to hear this and I totally agree, we need to get out of our complacency and glossing over the serious crimes that happened and still happen in the F. Rocky made an excellent point about how the F. is so loosely knit and so cleverly undercover that there is no real policing of what goes on in their homes and under their watch. They are above the law, as they think, and things happen that should not happen. Who else knows but us what really happens, who else knows but us and can tell the world, how else can we tell them but by alerting their contacts and unsuspecting partnerships they've undertaken. It seems to me that all this fear and phobia coming from some exmembers that we can't expose the F. because it amounts to mere vengence and bitterness and demonic, as Ray put it, is rhetoric one would expect to hear from a F. member. To me, it's totally unrational and shows me that people get too close to their loved ones or friends in the F. and then become enablers to them. I understand, because I go through the same thing when I'm around my offspring or friends. Oh, gee, I can't hurt them, they all seem so sweet and genuine. And that they are. But really, it's for that reason that the injustices and crimes need to be brought to light so that someone is forcing the F. to own up to their crimes and wrongdoings. Who else but we to do it?