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Thank you for answering

Posted by Miguel on December 10, 2002 at 12:53:45

In Reply to: some good questions for discussion posted by ray (reposted) on December 10, 2002 at 12:13:53:

This explanation is something I can understand (your questions, that is). My answer, I don't know. In fact, I agree with you in your questioning the dismantling of the family as an organization because I think it is a futile exercise. It will not happen just as prohibition didn't stop sales of alcoholic beverages or drug enforcement stoping drug use and contraband, just as even a whole war (WWII) didn't kill the ideas of white supremacy. Righteousness cannot be legislated even as evil is outlawed. The destruction or, in your own words, the dismantling of the family, is not part of my life.

Having said that, I have to make clear that I would not stay idly seeing them sowing evil seeds in my community or close to my family. There is a big difference in there. I think their teachings are poisonous and need to be exposed as such.

Your concern, if I understood it correctly, was that any such actions against the teachings of the Family will also hurt the homes in that area. Is this correct? If so, it seems to me a legitimate concern but also one that can affect our actions and decision on how to deal with the Family and other such situations.

Imagine this scenario: A group of people come to your town and show themselves as great Christians. They even open up a couple of storefronts where they do some good works. They also have music and several activities that are genuinely attractive for people to get to know the Gospel. Then, you find out that they are Family members bringing in their "message".

We all know what the purpose of pionneering and witnessing is: getting disciples. So, as aware citizens who know the evil teachings of the Family, what do we do?

1. Go to visit them and tell them?
2. Go to the newspaper and tell them?
3. Go to other churches and tell them?
4. Go somewhere, somewhere and tell somebody?
5. Do nothing

There may be more options but even before that, your first question comes back to to the forefront, do we want to expose them?

I have summarized here my understanding of what I think you have been saying, does this summarization do a good job in reflecting your position?

On your final question, I think that the SSU was a target at the time somebody discover it and it seemed closer than the FCF.