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your scenario...

Posted by ray on December 10, 2002 at 13:25:28

In Reply to: Thank you for answering posted by Miguel on December 10, 2002 at 12:53:45:

it is a fair question. to be honest, i really do not know how many new disciples are being won anywhere in the europe or u.s. But, if that hypothetical sit. did exist, i think the first step i would take would be to try to talk w/ these folks, and determine their level of involvment, intentions etc. if their was a possibility of reaching them, i think i would try to persue that. if not, i don't know. i think it would take some prayer. if i did feel the best course of action was to shut down there contacts, i personally believe letting them know that i felt i had no choice but to do so. at least they would have an understanding of my rationale, even if they still believed i was being used of the devil, at least they would see my internal integrity, and that i was not motivated by sheer rage or the desire for revenge against someone. eventually that might have a chance of working it's way into their conciousness. that is my off the cuff answer. maybe that would be it.

the entire episode w/ ssu was in my opinion lacking in any of those elements . what harm would be done by at least touching those bases? it was certainly not life or death. and the testimony imo would have been much more biblical.and just plain decent. that "do unto others.."thing.

i appreciate your reasoned tone. your thoughts?