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Let us see then

Posted by Miguel on December 10, 2002 at 17:08:30

In Reply to: your scenario... posted by ray on December 10, 2002 at 13:25:28:

Here are the first 2 points in your post.

1. the first step i would take would be to try to talk w/ these folks, and determine their level of involvment, intentions etc.

2. if their was a possibility of reaching them, i think i would try to persue that. if not, i don't know.

Now we are getting to the specifcs but highly improbable developments. Look at number 1: Let's say you do have a conversation, how would you assess that what you hear from them is the real level of involvement and intentions? Do you think that they will tell you?

Then let's look at 2: How would you measure the possibility of reaching them? You know very well that unless you have something for them they will not give you the time of day into their intentions and routine.

So, in either case, you are giving their candor too much credit. They aren't candit at all, look at Solomon and Gary's denial of membership in the Family. With all due respect but I think it is naive of your part to think that you will be able to assess those things you mention.

Then you say:

"if i did feel the best course of action was to shut down there contacts, i personally believe letting them know that i felt i had no choice but to do so. at least they would have an understanding of my rationale, even if they still believed i was being used of the devil, at least they would see my internal integrity, and that i was not motivated by sheer rage or the desire for revenge against someone. eventually that might have a chance of working it's way into their conciousness. that is my off the cuff answer. maybe that would be it."

I can sympathize with that and it might not be a bad idea to show that you are serious but you'd better be ready to go all the way at that point, otherwise why start, right?

I think we can agree in all of this.

Now let me ask you, do you think that the procedure you described is similar to what is happening with Sunny Side Up? It seems so to me because they are being "exposed" in our own neighborhood and community (more loosely defined in this case). Have the been warned? That is debatable but I think so, if not they are now warned. In any case, their reaction was to behave like Saul rather than David - or was it that David's spirit really became Saul's (even the calling of familiar spirits...) but that's for another board and another day.

So, what do you think? It turns out that what is happening might not be so far off from what you would do yourself.

Ahh. I'm forgetting the last part, to see if the whistleblowers would be able to reaching them. I think the fact that they denied their Family involvement clearly shows that they would not be able to reach then. The counter argument could be that it was never tried so we couldn't ever be sure nevertheless it is naive to think that people at that level of Family involvement will be "reachable".

Now, please keep in mind that my conversation is not to change yor mind or convert you to my way of thinking but as a way to explore together whether we are closer or distant in how we perceive these issues. I think calmed conversations void of emotional overtones can do a lot to help us as individuals but it can also help those who read them and follow them.