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Re: the other stuff...

Posted by Rocky on December 10, 2002 at 18:29:19

In Reply to: the other stuff... posted by ray on December 10, 2002 at 15:47:24:

Interesting points Ray:

I will not be involved in any official investigations unless I am called to testify.

1. I cannot be involved in legal or official investigations because they must be carried out objectively by non-involved people such as interpol or other investigative units in various countries.

2. I am an ex member and a declared enemy of the family through my own self-disclosure and the family leadership officially stating that I am an enemy. It would be a conflict of interest for me to be involved in any official investigation other than as a witness if determined by the investigating body that my testimony has value or relevance. I will continue to bring to the attention of others my concerns about the family's criminal past until someone acts. I do not apologize for that in any way as it is and has been my publicly declared position since 1983.

The support/counseling model I use is "client directed". At the heart of the model it means every person has individual issues relating to the family and they work through them at a pace they allow and are comfortable with. That does not mean I have a lack of understanding or grasp of the many issues. If people bring up issues that really require more in depth therapy I am the first to recognize my limitations and reccomend getting into more structured therapy. It seems that my support role is to help others to deal with the immediate crisis generated by each persons issues they reach out for help and support. It is not a need on my part but a work of the heart as we all need each other's support as we try to fully recover our own lives.

I also have access to clinical experts through my work in the field who are friends and associates. I have had many discussions with them regarding how the family's methods affected people in the areas of character imprinting, behavioural conditioning and "mind" control. Most clinicians recognize that such methods can indeed have an organic impact on the brain. As we are chemical beings in the physical sense the impact of years of enviromental conditioning can sort of "hot wire" the brain. It becomes conditioned to react and therefore respond in patternistic ways, which in turn affects how we perceive and act. I could blab on about this in detail but the point is I believe that many members have been affected in this way. I am not really talking about the serious criminals that are predators at heart but more or less about the majority of rank and file membership who were anc ontinue to be hurt by the family's abusive leadership.

Anyways thanks for your thoughts and hopefully we won't completely bite each other's heads off over the things we disaggree on it. I think we are all pretty passionate people.