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Re: Fernandez -- in or out ?or in AND out & in and out &......

Posted by MG on December 11, 2002 at 00:03:24

In Reply to: Fernandez -- in or out ?or in AND out & in and out &...... posted by R. Fernandez (reposted) on December 10, 2002 at 18:28:17:

Sounds very much like the language someone who's FM might use.

Once we lost a whole bunch of Christian friends and contacts the minute they found out we were Family members. We were in one of the big cities of this big E European country. Most of the local churches loved us, they used the Treasures all the time and were coming to our home to get more and more. It had been translated into the language of the land. We were regulars with the puppet show, etc at a whole slew of services.

Then an American missionary who also worked with these same churches visited us. He keow everything about the COG/Family but he didn't say so at the time.

After leaving he visited some of the pastors he knew. He told them what we were actually COG/Family members. He showed them some passages in the Treasures that expound on the Law of Love. He also had some other articles in their language that had been written out the group.

In one day we found ourselves 100%, completely ostracized, and totally cut off from all of our former friends in the churches of that city except for one lady that continued to come by to our home for fellowship.

That happened a 2 years before we left TF. I had already given up in many ways, this put more icing on the cake. However, my wife up til then had been a lot more determined to stay in TF. She had been very close to some of the friends we lost in this city, and not to have that ministry with them any more just because we were members of "TF" started getting her to think that something wasn't right.

As a Family member you are contsantly on your guard and hiding part of yourself from even your closest outside friends. So I say to Roberto F.: "Make a complete break from TF, you can experience what real freedom is."

Real freedom: you can be yourself and true with everyone you meet, and especially true to yourself.

Real freedom is NOT the so called F version of being free: free "from the system", free "in the Spirit", free to be a "gypsy led by Abrahim" , free to "live the law of love" ...all the Bergism hype.