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if one approaches every fammem as a cookie cutter ...

Posted by ray on December 11, 2002 at 05:03:32

In Reply to: Let us see then posted by Miguel on December 10, 2002 at 17:08:30:

cutout, then i think there is very limited chance of reaching them.but if that were the case , then how could jamespenn's letter shake 1000 loose from the tree? how did you and i get out? is darkness really stronger than light? why not have hope?

i did not hear either gary, or rf deny their involment in the family. of course it is something they would like to fudge on. but if forced to point blank answer, i think they admit to being mems.

as far as drawing a paralell w/ ssu and a discipling home, i think that is not a paralell. have you ever watched these things?? they are not "music w/ meaning"...they are pretty innocuous computer anim's of baby chrubs. i may not see the biblical foundation for baby cherubs, but these are not first step to dropping out.

anyway, what is done is done. i think even they have to wonder why the Lord let it happen. and maybe some will think about their entering into a dishonest partnership. and wonder why it should be necessary to hide who you are among brethren. but still, i do not see any reason it could not have been done in a more thoughtful, upfront, "here is the dilemma we face.."manner. that would at least show integrity, something they were lacking in, to those involved.

i personally would be surprised if a fammem could actually hide that from a knowledgeable 20yr vet, if they had any evidence at all. possible,i just haven't had any, that i know of, try. ssu never denied it to me when i met them. haven't seen gary in a while...but we exchanged emails about a year ago. he was open about his family membership.

do you think there is any danger in charicature here?