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Re: does this apply to Fernandez too?

Posted by From a Sga on December 11, 2002 at 15:43:45

In Reply to: does this apply to Fernandez too? posted by exmember on December 11, 2002 at 15:18:00:

There are mitigating factors. We can be fairly sure that these sgas never abused children sexualy. RF on the other hand, testified during the UK court case to having exposed himself to a child and having been masturbated by a young child.He has been a vocal and upfront apologist for The Family for some time. He now claims not to be connected to them. While not making a statement on the whole recent effort to "expose" RF and SSU, I will say that there are some differences here, and not because of the generational issue. There is no question that if a money making venture such as this Thai singing duo provides funding for top Family leadership, it eventually should be looked at. However,it is also possible that the results from any attempted "exposure" of this singing duo, would not be worth the energy expended on it. Rf and ssu on the other hand, seem to be part of The Family's greater efforts towards legitimization in the US. Some of this might explain the differences in reactions. There were some rather pointed reactions to the CW and SSu on movingon. It is clear that some action was taken by SGAs, just perhaps not as widely advertised as some of the actions were on this site.