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Thank you Mom......

Posted by posted by Mom on December 12, 2002 at 15:41:31:

Of course I dont want you to kill yourself,dont be rediculas.I know you are trying your best to make up for stuff that happened. You are my Mother and I will always love you.

That little brat your raising doesnt know how good she has it.I look at you and Dad with her and I just think "these are not my parents"?You are very lucky to have that chance to do right with her.

And you are a good Grandma.I believe in second chances for people who are really very sorry,especialy for people who know they deserive them.Because it's almost a garentee that they wont make the same mistake again.

Sometimes I wish so badily that I could just have amnisia and just forget everything.But that only happens on the soaps.Life would be so much easier if that could happen in real life.

Than again, if I hadnt had things so bad as a child I might not be as good of a mother now.Who knows.

I love you Mom.And I accept your appology.I just wish I could forget what you are appologizing for.But none the less thank you.