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Re: dismantling the family good idea - bad idea?

Posted by Donny on December 18, 2002 at 08:49:54

In Reply to: dismantling the family good idea - bad idea? posted by exmember on December 17, 2002 at 23:28:32:

I believe Rocky feels the Family has to be dismantled because it is broken beyond repair. Most SGAs simply want the Family to sincerely apologize and atone for the past and be up front about what they believe. But the Family has been so indoctrinated for years to lie and cover up the scandalous stuff that they'd have tohave a total new mindset to be forthcoming.

I know Maria has said, "don't be ashamed of the Family," but most Family members are. The like the lifestyle and think that by living in special rented places called Homes, and can read special Maria letters full of same-old, same-old, that this somehow makes them the spiritual elite. They know the Family's past and present policies/doctrines are scandalous so don't want it to go public to destroy their cozy nest. They also have been fraudulent salesmen for so many years that their conscience doesn't even bother them to take people's money under false pretexts. And in the final analysis, Maria doesn't want Family members to be honest about who they are either, as thatwould cause a significant dip in money coming into WS.

They basically have some kind of corrupt money-making operation up and going and wish the "detractors" and "disgruntled SGAs" would go away and leave them alone. They don't want to do a thing to bring about any justice and will only do something if pushed and pushed and pushed, until the pressure is so great that they have no choice. Want a picture of how badly the Family wants justice for the injured?

Picture Berg in the last couple years of his life, vastly overweight and laying in bed unable to move or get his penis up anymore. He says over and over again how much he believes that sex is the ultimate goal and reason for being, but for the life of him he can't get it up any more. He just lays there impotent and limp. That's about how much the Family wants truth and justice. They can talk out of the corner of their mouth that they care and have such love and live for the truth, but it doesn't go any further than that.

If a huge court case ever comes, I doubt that Peter and Maria will be there, or that they will even send anyone to the case to represent them. They'll just grab their flee-bags and money and run into hiding and let whoever was caught take the full blame. The Family will be dismantled because Maria and Peter will do nothing to save it.

they would destroy themselves because very few people would want to associate with them.

The central issue here is one of accountability and intent. i've read posts by Rocky wherehe says the Family needs tob e dismantled. i'm not sure what rocky has in mind to maekthat happen but it sounds good. but more & more i hear people saying they have no intentin of dismantling the Family - as long's they account for the abuses & crimes let them be as a religious orginization. then Donny says if you try to make them account you star t with Maria & Peter in court & that would righ there put the brakes onthe Family. i dont' know how donny ever figures anyone cold ever get M&P in court but he may have a point. for the record i dont think theyll ever allow themself to be caught. i realy dont think it's going to happen unless they slip up or Gary or one of there staff blows the whistle on them. i personaly would like to see M&P arrested at some border crossing with 3 diferent passports on them. but i dont think it's going to happen.