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To answer your specific questions

Posted by Donny on December 18, 2002 at 09:05:46

In Reply to: Re: dismantling the family good idea - bad idea? posted by Donny on December 18, 2002 at 08:49:54:

Sorry, I realize I cut and pasted you because I wanted to answer the specific question you raised, but then forgot to do that. So let me try again. You said:

"i've read posts by Rocky wherehe says the Family needs tob e dismantled. i'm not sure what rocky has in mind to maekthat happen but it sounds good."

I'm not sure what would work either or if there is any set of practical steps in mind. But as I said, the feeling is that it's broken beyond repair. If the Family faced worldwide publicity in a court case and their entire past came out in the media around the world, do you think sane Family members would even dream of saying, "OK, now we're going to come clean and declare boldly that we're the Family?" Not a chance. If all the truth came out, they'd want to permanently disassociate themselves from such a bad reputation. For practical reasons if nothing else? How would they raise money if the public refused to give to such a group?

Then you said:

"but more & more i hear people saying they have no intentin of dismantling the Family - as long's they account for the abuses & crimes let them be as a religious orginization."

The matter here is one of intent and desire to make the Family accountable. I don't think this position has been thought through to the end as to what the Family being accountable would entail. A lot of people don't want to see the Family dismantled and recognize that they have a right to believe weird stuff, but if any accountability is to happen, it must include the top, Maria and Peter right? So will M&P ever step down voluntarily hand the leadership of the movement over to some SGAs with integrity and say, "Here, we're stepping down for the good of everyone. You lead now?" Not a chance. The Family is not even remotely a democracy and its leaders consider themselves very high about any kind of accounabilty by ANYone.

You said, "i realy dont think it's going to happen unless they slip up or Gary or one of there staff blows the whistle on them."

That's about it. It would be good for Gary to get out and change sides because I think people would have mercy on him and respect him if he would do that one outstanding thing. He probably knows enough to blow the whistle and bring the whole Family into accountability though you can be sure they're try to smear him as they always do. In the meantime, as I said, M&P will probably never come to justice and have no desire to do so. They'll let the Family members themselves face the music while they access their Swiss bank accounts, put on the sunglasses, pull the blinds and let the world go blissfully by while they continue to prophesy and masturbate.