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Were the Argentinian police raids right?

Posted by Reposter on December 18, 2002 at 13:36:56

In Reply to: An Open Letter from Ed Priebe - Nov.15, 2000 posted by Hugo Gabutti (reposted) on December 18, 2002 at 13:24:36:

I found this letter by Hugo Gabuti on Crossfire where he's asking Ed Priebe to respond to his questions. After Ed posted his apology to Family members in Argentina he & this argentine policeman Gabuti wrote letters back & forth on Crossfire for a couple months with Gabuti asking questions & Ed explaining why he thought the police raids were wrong. Now two years later Gabuti brings up the same issue again.

Ed can answer this however he wants to if he wants to, but I wanted to ask something seeing as how this subject of the Argentina raids has come up recently on both MovingOn and this board. When Daniel wrote his letter telling the Family to be accountable he was clear that they did not intend to repeat the kind of raids of Argentina. Most people on MovingOn and GenX & Crossfire too believe that the raids & taking away all the children & imprisoning all Family members was wrong & did not accomplish anything.

So what do you think - were the police raids & arresting all Family members & tests on the kids right? Would you like to see that happen again? This is a question also to Hugo Gabuti - Could you explain from the point of view of the Argentine police why you think the police raids were right & what good you think they accomplished?