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Concentrating on what you said

Posted by Listening on December 19, 2002 at 09:41:34

In Reply to: Three Points, and not solely directed at Karen posted by Concentrate! on December 19, 2002 at 06:28:21:

I appreciate what you shared. It makes a lot of sense. Thank you. You bring up two larger issues that go behind the scenes: first (a) the trafficking of children and other unpunished crimes. re: other unpunihed crimes, I heard that Family spokesperson Clare Borowick who protested the loudest at being in prison was actually the guiltiest. If only one person of all the adults deserved to go to prison for what she did to some people, Clare was it. Your other point (b) on Argentine jurisdiction and different laws is also a good one too but what I wonder is if the Argentine authorities were even operating strictly within their own guidelines?

I think both your hard side and soft side are needed. When we talk about the Family kids suffering in Argentina that has to be put in perspective of all the Family kids --now exmembers-- who also suffered in Argentina. They also suffered a lot, so there is a larger picture and for the exmembers who suffered this is a very personal picture and perhaps they see the issues clearer than any of the rest of us. For example, Ed Priebe went down to Argentina, was part of what happened there, then later apologized for the way the Family was treated. I think that was necessary. But what should have followed Priebe's letter was a clear presentation of what ex-members had suffered. Obviously he was not in possession of those facts.