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Relevant Anecdotes from the SGs

Posted by MovingOn Reposter on December 19, 2002 at 15:56:47

In Reply to: Three Points, and not solely directed at Karen posted by Concentrate! on December 19, 2002 at 06:28:21:

from anonymous
October 24, 2002 - 9:30:00 PM
I'm another card-carrying member of the scarred for life club. I was molested in Chile at age 7. The "brother" who put me and my sibling to sleep while the women in the house were out FFing got in bed with us. Later I was raped in Argentina where I was sexually abused for years until Liberty and Stumblingblock came out when I was 14. When I got Pelvic Inflammatory Disease caused by the abuse, I was denied medical care until I was at death's door. Instead, I was told I was posessed by Oplexicon and being rebellious, so a home shepherd read letters to me and I was forced to eat when all I could handle was ice water. I could not stand up straight, i was doubled over from the pain. I suffered severe, irreversible physical consequences. TF was truly a multinational of paedophilia, purveyors of misery.
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From Hi anonymous
29 October, 2002, 7:37:00 AM - I was also molested in Chile, a few times actually. Maybe it was by the same person. Later during the Argentina persecution we were told to tell the sheperds if we had ever been abused or anything of the sort. I remember telling my JETT sheperd about those 3 incidents. He told me that that wasn't abuse as I hadn't really been hurt by it. He then went on to explain that abuse was something far more serious blah, blah etc. He told me that I should never tell the authorities the stories I had just told him as they would misinterpret them & it would "hinder the Lord's work". (reply to this comment)