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Re: Whoah!

Posted by My answer on December 23, 2002 at 22:41:47

In Reply to: Whoah! posted by Thinker on December 23, 2002 at 16:12:12:

Unfair as it may seem right now, if he comes back those issues will also come back. We'll see how much he will want to be a part of that conversation. I accept that he was somewhat civil but was very limited as I do remember a very caustinc sarcasm and even coldly leaving a conversation jsut because he couldn't handle it. Was that civil? I would call it limited civility.

I agree with you that his conversation added to value to the discussions here because diversity of ideas are important in making progress and he played well that role. I have to say also that in many cases I found myself agreeing with some of his arguments.

About his attitude, that his views are non-negotiable, I stand by my words. He showed no desire to even have a conversation about his topic other than pontificating on it. He didn't answer questions or offered insigths as to new possibilities. He simple got on his horse and rode it happily proclaiming his message while avoiding getting into deep conversations. See that post: OK you win...

But I think I can also agree with the gist of your post and we should wait until he comes back, if he ever does, to see how he keeps defending the family by presenting a defense on the rank-and-file without considering that they are proselitizing for a group whose doctrines are destructive and even criminal.