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Taking effective action with long-term results

Posted by Legal thinker on January 09, 2003 at 13:17:40

In Reply to: Re: See Peter Pangloss' post below posted by another thinker on January 09, 2003 at 12:09:58:

I appreciate what you said and agree it serves no good purpose to simply sit on our hands and think that nothing can be done. I'd like to elaborate on one point you raised: 'Why must it always come down to the worst scenario of what could happen or what did happen in Argentina? How about a public outcry or simple putting pressure where pressure is due?'

Obviously a public outcry is within our legal rights and if you mean putting on pressure by contacting the media, that's a good course of action too and is perfectly legal. But I question what you mean by *worst possible scenario*. The issue is not that after the *good* police raids took place the police or other authorities overstepped their jurisdiction; the issue is that the sweeping nationwide raids themselves were the wrong response.

There seems to be a mentality that because the Family in general was a climate where crimes such as child abuse and abduction/transporting of children happened (and these are crimes!) that the entire movement including teens and small children deserved to go to jail! Do you follow my point? The thinking seems to be that sweeping police raids are ok because it makes the Family hurt, and people want to see them all suffer, the innocent with the guilty just so long as the guilty suffer a bit. But what is needed are effective and long-term solutions, IMO.

I think the routes you suggested, public outcry, using the media, and pursuing specific legal action against individuals is far more effective and perfectly legal.