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and ye shall know the truth

Posted by Miguel on January 18, 2003 at 22:27:25

In Reply to: Re: Jules, what did you mean by this? posted by MG on January 18, 2003 at 15:50:30:

The Family does not really believe in that otherwise they would let God's children go. What they do is shut down other choices in the hopes they will never see how wrong those teachings are. The opposite is having faith in them, that your children will make the right choices when the time comes. Look at what happened to David Berg?! He made the wrong choices when the time came, he didn't have the fire of David in him, he was a fake, even though there were profecies given to him, but he refused to be a man of God.

Even before salvation, freedom to choose, the liberty of exercising our own free will and believe in whatever we wanted to believe was given to us. Our Father Who is in Heaven gave that gift to us. As parents we have to allow our own children to make their own decisions and support them, even in their mistakes. Being with them as our Father Who is in Heaven is with us is the best we can do, and sooner or later this difference between God's love and the love of a fake family will reach deep inside, in their closet, and they will know the difference. You will know when that happens and will rejoice together.