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Re: Love the family!

Posted by Acheick on January 19, 2003 at 19:24:45

In Reply to: Re: Love the family! posted by singinsam on January 19, 2003 at 11:16:05:

That is so true, Sam. Nicely said. I was just thinking about the F. and my stepdaughter rejoining. I can't imagine how someone would in good conscience want to be in that group or stay in it. The F. is really one huge scam. Even if without the sex and the abuse, there is enough unethical doctrines to make any person with any kind of integrity want to examine just why they are involved in such an endeavor. For one thing, how many groups or people in the world expect other hard working indivduals to support them so that they can deliver a few donated blankets or toys to an orphanage? Many people do that AND work and provide for their families. It's such a scam so that they do not have to work hard any day of their lives. They lie to the public so they can get huge donations and live rent free, in someone else's house, eat donated food, get clothes and supplies for free. That's simply not fair to all the hard working people in the world. It's really hard for me to stomach that. This is something my oldest son and I would talk about many times over the years after we left. It used to really bother him while we were in. All the smiles and love-bombing that the F. does cannot cover this very unethical lie they live. Worse, they create a new generation of opportunists everytime another member has children.