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that's true, Goth

Posted by Acheick on January 23, 2003 at 10:40:28

In Reply to: Re: How do we measure guilt and blame posted by goth88 on January 22, 2003 at 17:38:56:

Concering child-adult sex, etc., in other countries being more liberal. We were young and experiencing many different things in many different countries, trying out our wings and not really knowing the laws, etc. I saw this one documentary about a 13 yr old girl who had started an online relationship with an older man. He eventually talked her into going to Italy with him and she ran away. It took her mother a long time to find her, but she finally did and they tried to get the guy indicted on child abuse, etc. He had a long history of doing that to young girls in many countries and was getting away with it, as well as marketing child porn. The Italian court gave him a very light sentence because the girl had gone “willingly” and he would see very little jail time. If that happened in the states, it would have been a whole different matter, the guy would be in jail for life maybe. At one point, when they tried to interview him going to jail, he looked at the camera and smirked, “You Americans have such a thing about adolescents and sex.” As if to say we were just too rigid about it. He also said he knew the girl still loved him and he would wait for her - still lying to the end. So, it really showed me how there are different attitudes and views in different countries. We’re still pulling ourselves out of that patriarchal/ women as second class citizens mind-set. It’s funny, but it’s because of our conservative Christian roots that have the taboos on such things, yet when we become more liberal, we become more liberal when it comes to sex. There are different taboos and different allowances with every different culture and country. Some as widely different as can be. I think that is one reason why I personally didn’t get just how bad it was. I really believed it was stuff coming from God and I just didn’t get it or it was a test from God to see if I would still believe and not be faint-hearted and leave over it. Why else would I go Ffing? I hated every single moment of it.