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Re: Feel like I just landed.....

Posted by marina on January 24, 2003 at 19:54:11

In Reply to: Re: Feel like I just landed..... posted by goth88 on January 24, 2003 at 14:56:35:

Thought I would add myself to this string of teenage F female recruits (no offense to Donny :)
Hi...I met the F at 15, joined at 16 and left at age 31. By that time I had had 4 children, and was enormously damaged (warped was a very good word, btw) from an emotional/psychological viewpoint. Now, 10 years later, many crises later, many psychiatrists later, and many out of my mind moments later, my oldest graduated from college, the other 2 are in between, and the youngest is applying to college right now.
Needless to say the person who has been mending/helping/coordinating/assisting/overworking with everything they may need has been me. We have all been in therapy at one time or other (for me it has been 7 straight years of intensive therapy) It has been incredibly tiring! (and by the way my question is always, where are the FATHERS?)
Now my youngest is getting ready to start college and here I am, barely over 40, and feeling a strange feeling...I only have my children as family...and then some friends. I wondering what the hell am I going to do? It'll take a while to adjust after years and years of struggling to survive...not that the struggle is over, but the circumstances are changing.