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Re: Feel like I just landed.....

Posted by goth88 on January 25, 2003 at 13:55:36

In Reply to: Re: Feel like I just landed..... posted by marina on January 24, 2003 at 19:54:11:

You are obviously very well educated and talented with writing. :) Along the way, do you have outlets for your talents? Or things that interest you (creative outlets)?
I don't have extended family either. (from family of origin.) That is one thing that always hurt after getting out of the family. I wanted my kids to have uncles and aunts (hey not TF kind, just so I am not misread here...) grandparents, cousins. I wanted those things for myself and did not have them either. For myself or for them.
What I see now is that my oldest in particular has some solid extended family connections. He is a very well loved uncle to a couple of kids (as in the healthy family normal stuff), has been married for over 5 yrs now with a good solid relationship, and if he ever became a dad, I know that he would be a very good one.
Recently I have been contacted by a young woman with a 2 yr. old child who i had helped in the past.(and she helped me when I was sick and her kid was in diapers!) I am going to help her with decorating her apt. etc. Her mother had been a Heroin addict and she had grown up in refuse and with lots of horrible abuse. So she is wanting to be a good parent and learn how to do things to make her home "homey" and wants me to help. She didn't ask for the help, but has called going thru alot now being a newly single mom to boot. So I thought of some things she got excited, and we will actually be helping each other. She is a great cook and will be making homemade vegan dumplings and sauce (oh so yummy) and we will go to garage sales, big trash day (antiquing), do some painting and hit sales at resale shops, Garden ridge, etc. and set up her apt. Also, I am a "god-mother" to her kid. So I feel like I am getting some family of choice here, too. Wish I had started this when I was 40!! >wry grin<. So glad to read your posts. You are very good at getting your thoughts across. :)