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sounds like fun

Posted by Acheick on January 26, 2003 at 19:00:29

In Reply to: Re: Feel like I just landed..... posted by goth88 on January 25, 2003 at 13:55:36:

This reminds me of a friend of my daughterís that we got to know when they were both in the 7th grade. She kept running away from home as her mom was a drug addict and her momís boyfriend was abusing them. She finally went to stay with her dad who had married her mom when he was just 16 (she was several years older than him) and was still living with his mom and driving a truck. His mom was an irritable recluse and the two of them fought a lot. She ended up at our house quite a bit and that was when there were still 7 kids in the house, so it was kind of a scene, but she was happier with our family, although sometimes I wondered why. She was sexually active and the two of us would have long talks about the consequences. She ended up getting pregnant by an old boyfriend she really didnít like. It was rough going through all that with her, but somewhere along the line it payed off as she ended up with a really nice guy and she (and the boyfriend) absolutely adores her daughter. You wouldnít believe she came from such a bad background the way she dotes over her daughter and the nice guy she found. Itís kind of heart-warming for me. She ended up like an extended part of our family. There are so many kids/people like that in the world. I always thought everyone should take one or two under their wing and give them some stability, it pays off. Good for you Goth, it sounds like a real positive thing to do.