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Re: Disclosure post

Posted by Joshua on February 03, 2003 at 11:41:58

In Reply to: Disclosure post posted by Rocky on February 02, 2003 at 22:46:27:

To Rocky,

Just a serious word here to you to tell you there hasn't been an abuse victim. As I came back to Canada, the Canadian Youth Protection Governmental services talked to my daughter as I asked their help to how to deal with my daughter's verbal agressivity and lies against me.

They phoned her and met her at my sister's place and at school privately and the case was dismissed after questions, answers and verifications with her. So the file is closed.

Angel has a complete new sane set of friends of her own age contrary to what she was surrounded by in USA. I sent her back to Canada as she was falling in love with a 22 years-old guy being 14-15 years old herself. She reacted with verbal violence and false accusations. She came to live with me and my other daughter back after Youth Protection verifications here and has real high grades at school, doesn't drink alcohol or smoke either and has been well-raised contrary to some youth I saw as I was living in USA not to name them myself. I just saw though disastrous events taking place talking by themselves recently some read on NDN in Maryland.

So I hope things will be clearer for you and you will stop to talk about an abused victim talking about Sam and Joseph's mistakes who wrote by e-mails or here or on NDN serious things they didn't seriously verified.

If you said "abused victim" as wrongly alleged in their own sight without verifications, I might pass on but it has no place here either. If you say "abused victim" thinking my daughter is still after clarification and spread these words to others you think on Boards or even in private communication with others with no verification, I will have the obligation to search for your legal name as for others doing so to make them receive a serious legal warning to be possibly sued for diffamation. I hope the subject is close as I wrote the webmaster to help to do so or delete and ban if needed those who cross the line of this sane statement on this Board.

Thank you!