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Why did you draw attention to yourself?

Posted by Sam Supporter on February 03, 2003 at 16:30:43

In Reply to: Re: Disclosure post posted by Joshua on February 03, 2003 at 11:41:58:

Well I am not in your shoes, and maybe it is terrible to live with the stigma and you needed to state for the record your version of the events and clear your name.

Maybe you were tired of people mentioning that same incident over and over to further their own arguments about how they did no wrong, when you feel wronged by all parties in the first place.

We really need to discuss these things though. We need to get educated on how to handle such matters, even if you feel the whole thing was unwarranted in the first place. In fact, we need to examine if the whole thing got out hand because we were not properly educated in handling such matters.

As far as I know, this round of discussions was going on without any mention of your name or your daughter. The context was about proper procedures, disclosure and confidentiality. The subject was moving further and further away from your personal situation. You said you had already written the webmaster and recived help. The coordinators had put rules in place to ensure you were not mentioned ever again. Only Sam and Joseph were mentioned, you were not. Maybe I am wrong, but it sure seems to me like you drew unnecessary attention to yourself.

Now your name is splattered all over the posts. I wish you hadn't done that. As much as I want to see these questions discussed because they are important, I feel the entire thread should be deleted for YOUR SAKE. It shouldn't even be on record anywhere that Joshua said he was cleared of abusing his own daughter. Have you thought about that? As much as you were trying to clear your name, that will seriously mess up your own reputation MORE than what was done here on this round of discussions.