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Re: You guys should have stayed in the Family

Posted by posted by Faithful Sheep on February 15, 2003 at 21:15:25:

Thanks for the joke but it's not real man as all know! I won't talk about all those years husbands who left their wives to stay in that cult didn't pay pension illegally to their wives struggling to survive with many kids!... I won't talk about the single parents in that cult who still have a hard time to pay their 10 percent, them alone taking care of their kids receiving fale prophecies and false keys stuff by mail monthly they don't even read... I won't talk about poor brainwashed minds ruining their whole lives believing in false prophets believing they are gods...

And I would answer to an offer like that, even if it was true: Keep your money cult brainwashed fellow and even if you would offer me a million dollars or more, just use it as toilet paper to clean your shit (and stick it up your ...!) and leave the youth alone with your hypocritical hidden weird beliefs.

And please don't teach your kids to fuck anything on two legs... They have the right to choose a better life than yours living longer and sane way out of a weird cult themselves!...