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Re: Maria's video a synopsis.

Posted by posted by Mark on February 22, 2003 at 06:06:20:

No media team is under the anti-F boards for sure. That is simple paranoia. She seems living in her own fake royalty realm. That looks somehow as bad and even a lot worse than Michael Jackson's situation. Surprised she didn't use chirurgical lifting too yet. I know too everybody reaps what he sows and her life is becoming shaky more and more... Time will tell... The Family organization will fall, just a question of time as all cults will fall too some way. They are evil-inspired, period! Davidito, last-time prophet? He's just a christian brother who had a terrible youth where his abuse from older people have been known worlwide... I wouldn't feel good about it much!... But he will make it, as God and Jesus know his heart and what he passed through as many of us and others will sooner or later!... Let's pray for him, a good sample the cult should disappear he is and he could have a successs with all he experienced to make his biological mother's cult fall apart with his testimonmy on the medias... Family cult disciples have still much strange conduct and habits, weird ones, as not controlled by the Family cult chart really! The video end invitation of the two fake royalties on their bed show they are gone completely nuts not to say something else!... If you follow their invitation though, use a condom!...