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Good question Acheick

Posted by Lyle on February 23, 2003 at 22:47:14

In Reply to: What about the good times? posted by Acheick on February 23, 2003 at 13:40:00:

I have always maintained that my experience in the family was not all bad and a lot of good came to me because of that. Also, no telling what kind of mischief I might have gotten into instead of doing something good.

Wait a minute... I just said "doing something good" but the fact is that there was some good doing but some VERY horribly bad doing as well. Looking only at myself I can come up with quite a few things that were good for me and helped me but I am really sorry for all the other things I did, like publishing millions of MO. Well, one could argue (not me) that some of them were innocuous and others sort of in the middle of the road. But i'd say that when they came bad they were really bad. So I have mixed feeling about the good ol' days.

The time when I was getting disciples for the Lord were good times, when I was witnessing God's Word (not to be confused with MO letters) and living by faith. As uncomfortable as some days or as difficult the challenges may have been, the benefits were far greater in those times. But there were also the days of abundance and living in cozy conditions where all the needs were supplied by the poor foot soldiers. We lived in luxurious places and in fairly good conditions but under a represive slavery that no child of God should live in. So there was a trade off where only the top top got benefits and everybody else had to bring in the loot or they would get the boot.

So, as I was saying, I do have some good memories of my time in the family but that cannot cover my repugnance for the directives telling parents to initiate their children's own sexual experiences at an early age. I know many stayed and didn't follow those directives but to me it was the signal that my time in that outfit was over. I wish that more of those who stayed would be brave enough to face the consequences of their acts but I suspect it is wishful thinking. The few who did deserve commendation because they esteemed the reproach of Christ as greater riches than the treasures in MO's, Maria's and Peter's kingdom (Heb 11:26). Oddly enough Davidito, James Penn and several others straight from the top are included in this group.

I wonder how many more are aware of the false teachings but have not heed yet the call to again forsake all.