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It's a big hurdle

Posted by Acheick on February 26, 2003 at 07:34:18

In Reply to: But does that make you very employable? posted by Thinker on February 24, 2003 at 19:40:37:

I saw that in my step daughter. She couldn't do it, so she opted to go back to the easy lifestyle where everything is given to you and there are always people around to pump you up and tell you how wonderful you are.

When my hubby and I left, we had no job skills and had that huge gap in our resumes, so we both went back to college. Fortunately, my hubby had been a chef so he could say he was doing a career change which is very common these days. And of course, I had been a housewife and now was entering the job market.

It was hard yet extremely fulfilling at the same time. I think my stepdaughter's problem (besides having an ugly run-in with some unstable exmembers) was that she didn't go in for the long haul, she thought she could make it so easy with very little hard work and I'm not talking flipping hamburgers - anyone can do that - but getting an education and struggling while you do it, or struggling while you make ends meet, having to meet new people, getting established, I don't think she realized what she was getting into and she thought things would be much easier. She thought we were set up so we could hand things to her, but we weren't - not with the amount of kids we have and the struggling we are still doing. Anyway, both hubby and I got careers we enjoy after getting degrees. That's the route we had to take. It's what worked for us. Other people have had it easier, maybe a family connection or support system that walked them into jobs, houses, etc., or they had a skill they could walk into. Everyone has to find their own way. But as Thinker says so well, it's both scary and exhilerating at the same time. The freedom of being on your own and making your own money that you didn't have to talk out of someone, paying your own bills, all of which makes for sleeping good at night, being at peace with ones self and with ones God. That's the biggest success.