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Re: Remember this yucko crap?

Posted by jo (goth) on February 27, 2003 at 11:20:28

In Reply to: Remember this yucko crap? posted by Donny on February 27, 2003 at 09:22:10:

Not swimming pools in particular, but yes, TF exp. was "yucky" for the most part.
STD's for Jesus was not fun. Neither were the quotas, long hours, inability to enjoy the cultures fully that we were in, except occasionally while in transition or in a looser place or period of time. But even then, that family "persona" limited genuine interaction.
I remember too many nights of "being dealt with" or sweating it out waiting for the axe to fall, or having it fall not expecting it at all. Being abandoned in time of hardship, kids not getting good education. The "discipline" in the fam., etc. I am so glad I got out before the JETT thing or jumbo's or combo's started.
There is so much fallout to deal with. One way I try to do that is garner the compassion for others I got from the hell in the fam, because I would NEVER want to do those things to anybody, ever. I worked real good with troubled kids(after the family). And I loved working with them, especially with arts and crafts, the fun stuff.
Now I like to work with animals. Hey And I can watch E.R. and Will and Grace and vain babble all I want to now. ;)
Poor kids still in.