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Re: Hey, I recommend a movie: how about Talk to Her?

Posted by romantic reflections on February 28, 2003 at 22:27:29

In Reply to: Hey, I recommend a movie: posted by jo on February 28, 2003 at 20:59:32:

Thanks...I think I will watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding. :-)

Yes, there is hope and life. It is just that the reflections ACCOMPANY me on my way...healing occurs progressively and in stages. Love and love experiences plays a big part in all of this. Intimacy was such a wasteland in my life, no wonder it is one of the most sensitive areas now...for most of us trust and intimacy are the biggest issues.
Sex, love and intimacy are all tied there you go...either you abandon the romantic enterprise altogether, or you don't. Myself, I just cannot live without love. The many years in the F were enough love deprived with counterfeits, mockery and sharing 'brothers' whose idea of eroticism was using a woman in lieu of a condom (very practical and godly repository) god forbid they may spill and follow Onan's footsteps. The protein principle described floating above flooded women as well in the deepest part of their being. "God," as a rapist?

The Judeo Christian system and its splintered and demented cultic spin offs are not systems of thoughts and practices kind to women or to the erotic and romantic lives of women.
I started living once I left all of that behind. While there are difficulties in finding connections, given our background, the life experience and the search for connection is much more exhilarating and life affirming than being on a sharing night and having to hear a guy speaking in tongues while he is getting his rocks off in adherence to "the Letters."
The most animalistic, ferocious, "heathen" form of 'carnal' copulation is better than the 'spiritual' emasculating reality of neutered gender we were put in, our own breeding version of animal farm.

I heard some people were sorry for leaving the Family because they felt they could have easy sex in it, and they would have to give it up. Wow. For my part, the kind of sex Berg lived and preached was anything but erotic, as eroticism can only be lived as the fulfilment of authentic, non manipulated, mutual desire.
Did I say the words mutual, authentic, and desire?