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Re: This subject is long overdue

Posted by jo on March 04, 2003 at 20:38:02

In Reply to: This subject is long overdue posted by A husband on March 04, 2003 at 09:40:15:

I agree with you regarding the fact that there were men abused to. Actually, we were all under the thumb (and severe psychotic control) of one very sick dirty old man, imo.
I also see how sometimes generalities bring up sore spots and then someone speaks up and can be heard only for what they are saying and not for why they are saying it. Generalities do exist, but they don't catergorize everyone's experience. And I think the people speaking and posting their hurts know this. I am glad people are speaking from all different perspectives.
I know that when I worked in an official family school (on a number of occasions and locations), the few children that attended the school were primarily the children of leadership or of the childcare workers or someone that had a position of some sort that they were of greater use to the family. (Earlier on). Separation from children is very painful. Eventually it is possible to deaden yourself to the pain to survive. We were all, imo, on survival mode with the exception of the occasional sociopaths. I do believe that more of the latter kind joined after the FFing rev. started, because they were led in to the family and its Lord by their genitals.
Hindsight being more perfect, it is easy to see how we were drawn in, why we stayed, and how we got out. And for each person there are commonalities and also major differences.
I also, as a single mom, had to go out pregnant to "litness" with one to two of my kids with me. To top it all off, we were in Scandinavia and distributing letters like "Lovelight" and "Sex Works". It was pretty humiliating. Then I was not in a school setting, but in a situation where children and pg. women go out and carry the same quota as the single person. Also having to litness to feed them, me and buy their supplies and stay out very late if the quota wasn't met.
When I was at the schools, I was usually not given much time with my own kids.
There was SOOO much abuse: sexual, physical, and emotional, not to mention spiritual...
I hope you can discuss more about your abuses as a man in the family. I think it is good to talk about the many types of abuses, too.
Some people, f'rinstance, that were in a big band or something, perhaps were more detached than others from the whole horror.
Looking back, I now realize that I was lucky that the family dealt with us after saying we could go to Asia, by rejecting us as far as contacting the family there because we didn't go thru the proper channels...(very confusing, since we were told it was okay to go). Then we got there and had to worry every day, two adults and three kids with temporary visas, facing possible jail, and disease and you-name-it on a daily basis.
But we had no oversight until we could come up with funds to get back to Europe. NOT an easy task in Asia, with land wars making overland travel impossible. Anyway, we could ALL write books and amaze people.
I just realized that I have some elderly neighbors that are into Eckankar and looked it up on the internet. They are nice but have some really very strange beliefs. But I DO understand how it is possible to NOT be crazy and beleive the weirdest, pardon my english, SHIT.