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The norm for men in the family, mated & single

Posted by another ex-brother on March 05, 2003 at 08:55:08

In Reply to: Re: apologies posted by A husband on March 05, 2003 at 08:06:06:

As a man, I think that Husband is in some ways more sensitive than many men. An exer (female) above talked about how almost every man she was with could hardly wait to get inside her so you do have to admit that there were a lot of men like that. There really were. They wanted to get their dick inside the prettiest woman available & would walk by lots of other women to get the one they wanted. I've seen some men who were meat-stalking whoremongers. They were constantly on the make and would gladly break up marriages to get their dick inside the women they wanted. They would crawl in bed with single sisters and not really care that they were going to give VD to her and quote the Letters about One Wife when she got pregnant.

But there definitely the senstive guys like Husband who had a happy marriage and wanted things to stay that way. About myself, I was single & on the road a lot of the time & did without sex. I wasn't one of those super-machos who could move in on the nearest piece of human eye candy and seduce her. I often went without because I was too shy. I wasn't just looking for sex but for someone to love me ,& I wanted a longterm stable marriage. I was mated a couple times for a short while but the marriage & deep relationship I looked for eluded me thanks to leadership breaking up marriages for Gods glory so-called.

There were really all types in the Family just like there are in the world around us. Some men suffered horribly. Like the brother who loved his wife and children but was sent out on the road litnessing by a leader who wanted his wife. As soon as the brother was out the door the leader moved in with the poor guy's wife. When the brother came back the break had been made & he never got back together with his wife again. He was crushed over it. He ended up to the kids whom he really loved & clung to his relationship with him. Once in a while important 'mommy' would come & visit her children but not often.

There are stories about men & their children being devastated but I'd say by & large the women suffered more if we're talking simple percentages of who got shafted the most.