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Joe - take a moment to read around the site

Posted by Acheick on March 11, 2003 at 16:05:22

In Reply to: Haven't joined - confused posted by Joe on March 11, 2003 at 14:16:43:

Take a moment to read some of the personal stories on the site here, people that were members sometimes for years, or just for a few months or a few years, the stories are the same. Sure, everything seems really cool on the outside and the Family is adept at putting on classic smiles and giving nice hugs. They know just what to say, too. But once they've got you in their camp, theyíll fill you with their mind-control tactics and then thatís when the bottom will fall out and your foundation will be destroyed. When they say they preach love, you better believe it, but itís not what you think. First of all, they used to be called The Children of God but changed their name to hide their true beliefs.

Their biggest and darkest secret is their doctrines of sexual liberty, thatís the kind of ďloveĒ they are talking about. Now, if you donít mind having sexual liberties or your wife having sexual liberties, or your young teenagers being encouraged to start off having sex with each other as soon as itís legal (they used to practice it more blatantly with minors until they were taken to court and were told to stop - this is all documented in court cases and can be read on these sites), then I say go for it, knock yourself out. You will fit right in. Just remember that by then they will control your relationships with whomever you have had alliances with, or your wife, or your children, and nothing will be considered yours anymore, but the groupís, and that is even including those that you love.

Mind you, if you have any holdings such as property, cars, and the like, you might as well kiss it all goodbye and never expect to get any returns on it, or once you decide to leave to be given anything but a good swift kick in the pants to hurry you out the door. And if you manage to hang on and stick it out, once your health starts to fail, they will drop you like a hot potato and expect you to fend for yourself or find some sappy relative to look after you, or the system they hate so much which they consider bowing down to the devil. Youíll be left with guilt for not being a 110 percent soldier that failed at your mission and you will probably continue tithing to the group 15 percent of your income because you are so riddled with guilt that you do not want God to punish you in the afterlife. Thatís it in a nutshell, Joe, and thatís coming from someone who gave her very life to The Family, nearly 19 years of it. I know their very ins and outs and slimy tactics. Donít fall for the pretty picture. It's a real scam.