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Re: Sticking to the esoteric subject of "love"

Posted by Singleton on March 15, 2003 at 00:52:24

In Reply to: Sticking to the esoteric subject of "love" posted by A husband on March 14, 2003 at 12:07:21:

Now this "teacher" is a student still and the shoe is on the other foot. Love the quote btw.

"Yes, I'm still learning about love. What I do know is love is certainly not what TF teaches. The fact is that I (and maybe there are many like me?) was seacrhing for love, security and validation, in TF. It's quite an indictment to say TF is where all my innocence and ideals about love wee totally destroyed. My present day journey of discovery and learning would be a lot simpler if I wasn't so burned out by that past." Sounds like you've reached a certain level of acceptance and is now the wiser for it. Yes I am like you in that I was looking for validation when I joined TF. The love and security were something I've always looked for before and beyond.

Let me ask you the same question I asked someone else below: would you say that the TF in its own warped way has indeed contributed to that wisdom? having done it all, knowing where it ain't? Would you have discovered that any other way? would you even consider that the "burning out" on "love" was what moved you to seek the real deal? I am asking in earnest as these same questions have been bugging me for a good while now.