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Re: More rhetoric

Posted by me again on March 27, 2003 at 22:50:45

In Reply to: More posted by JI on March 27, 2003 at 17:09:09:

It is the business that has been done with him in this country for years that put him where he is today...don't you remember what Powell said about how they know he's got weapons of mass destruction (well many countries have those)

" we have the receipt."

great. exactly. one honest answer. think about it.

and so what about any country where dictatorships reign...what about any of these countries? is Iraq the worst regime in the world? Since when? and Americans have to spend 100 or more billion dollars to go and 'free' them? And you 'heard' people get their tongue cut out in Iraq? Well, there are many countries where women get killed for sleeping with a man. Go and 'free' them, too? How can anybody keep this gig up? :)

And how is it possible to compare Iraq with the expansionistic situation of the Third Reich? It looks more like what is happening some ways, if you care to go and read the historical accounts. But this is a great country, and this is mild compared to the protest that rocked during the Vietnam era. This is much milder, and we will survive, hopefully learning to think more critically, and protesting party lines, rhetoric, dehumanization of people, and 'freedom' line and fries.