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Posted by Friend on March 28, 2003 at 07:45:38

In Reply to: Re: proud to be an American posted by just a cannibal on March 27, 2003 at 22:34:36:

It offends me to hear this new leftist rhetoric about now suddenly being proud to be an American when they just don't like 90 percent of what America is about and the way they go about showing that. This is all about being en vogue, Michael Moore is en vogue, Sean Penn is en vogue, doing a sit-in is en vogue. It's en vogue to throw up on government buildings, to stop commerce and hurt our economy. Some peace, what hypocricy. They'll die for Saddam, but they won't die for their country. That's unAmerican to me. It's one thing to not agree, it's another thing to actively go out and try and sabatoge the government in one way or another or voice these hateful opinions to other countries in their land. Might as well go out and fight for the enemy then, what's the difference? This is only giving Saddam more hope that he can topple such a divided nation.

You have young boys dying for you so that you have that freedom, yet you cannot support what they believe in. Because of all this pressure on the troops, they are losing more advantage by trying so hard to not hurt anybody that they have lost their tactical advantage and their muscle. One soldier in the hospital made that comment, that is one reason the war is going so slow. In the end, we'll end up losing more lives because of this. He also said that if these protesters could come and see the people of Iraq, they'd pick up a gun and come over there themselves to help free them. So what if there are big money boys ending up making money off of oil - when will that change? As long as the world runs on money and we use cars, that will never change. At least in the process we liberate a whole people and rid it of a regime that is a threat to us and others - who harbors terrorists that threaten all of us. We should support our government, warts and all. That would be a TRUE proud American.