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Re: If some wars were moral & necessary, which ones?

Posted by Miguel on March 31, 2003 at 15:50:42

In Reply to: If some wars were moral & necessary, which ones? posted by Curious on March 31, 2003 at 14:01:36:

I think you are onto something, that our views are shaped by our beliefs, political, religious, or simply intellectual. But here is what I said: "By principle I am opposed to all wars though I understand that the use of force is sometimes called for but not as a philosophy of life and growth."

I didn't say that some wars are more just than others but that sometimes a war is forced on a country by somebody else, meaning an invading army. One problem with this thinking is military doctrine that a defensive war doesn't win so pre-emptive attacks are launched. In those cases, I would still be adhere to the principle stated above but there is a wide grade area because who decides when one is being attacked? I would trust my government to do that job for me, that is what democracy is all about. By the same token I expect that government to inform fully and clearly how that decision was reached, where the smoking gun is. For a country to send their sons and daughters to the front without clear proof is giving up too much responsibility. Some people can live with that, I cannot. I already lived in a place where I gave up my decision power to those in control. You did too. I don't want to live in that type of place anymore. I expect my government to explain things out.

Having said that, I only hope that Saddam is outsted quickly, that no other countries are invaded (Syria and Iran seem to be next in the list), that peace in the region is restored and that those real patriots who are having to live in the misserable conditions of war can get back home safely. If there is anybody in this war who needs to receive some honor is the soldier who without much sleep is still awake at night so that his/her buddies can sleep. Not so for the politicians who are still scrambling trying to find their heads and ways to brainwash people.

And with this my friends, I retire from discussing such a disgusting topic, which is, as a famous general of the American Civil war, General Sherman, said, "War is Hell!" (see:

"Thy Kingdom came, in earth as it is in Heaven".