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Re: If some wars were moral & necessary, which ones?

Posted by Donny on March 31, 2003 at 17:02:37

In Reply to: If some wars were moral & necessary, which ones? posted by Curious on March 31, 2003 at 14:01:36:

Can I try this?

Desert Storm (kicking Iraq) out of Kuwait? Do we all agree that war was morally right? (I personally think it was morally right.)

Grenada (Reagan kicking the communists out of Grenada)? (I don't like communist regimes but from what I know of the story, the Reagan solution was over-reacting and wrong.)

Nicaragua (the Sandanistas overthrowing Somoza) Were they right and moral? (Yes, they were. Somoza was a monster.)

Cuba (Casto and Guevara overthrowing the government there) was that right? (Yes, too bad he went communist instead of staying socialist tho.)

India intervening to stop Pakistan from massacring the Bangladeshi? Was India's war right? (You betcha.)

Britian's war against Germany? Was that right and moral? (Yes.) America's war against Japan? Was that? (Yes, despite Mo's overemphasis of American Japan-bashing, Japan was militarily conquering Manchuria, Korea, etc. before the States got into the war. They had to be stopped.)

Britain's war against Argentina when Argentina invaded the Falklands (or the Malvinas, if you will). Was Britain right? (Hard to say, but I think so. My opinion is that the military junta only invaded the Falklands to try to unite Argentina behind their unpopular regime. When they lost the war, the junta fell and democracy arrived.)

Indonesian invasion of Timor, conquering it and suppressing it, and kiling thousands of civilians as they were forced out? Was Indonesia right? (Duh.)

Afghanistan, was Russia right to invade it? (To prop up a pupped communist regime that no one in Afghanistan wanted? No.)

Afghanistan, was America right to invade it? (Hmmm. More or less, yes. You didn't hear much protest from the world over that one, did you?)

Chechnyia, is Russia right to stop them from seceding? (No. Let'm go, Russia. Let'm go. YOu let Kzakistan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Armenia, Georgia, Bulgaria, etc. go, so let Chechnia go too.)

Kosovo, were America and NATO right to bomb the hell out of Belgrade to stop the kiling? (I believe so very strongly.)

Finally, Vietnam? Was America right there or wrong? (I thought they were wrong then, I think they were wrong now.)

Do our political persuasions color our choices? (Duh.)