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You're Calling Me a Racist.....

Posted by Mike W. on April 06, 2003 at 23:00:43

In Reply to: Re: And yet more History posted by Visiting on April 06, 2003 at 22:36:14:

...and you don't know what you are talking about, to put it frankly!
You said: "I guess you didn't read the article. There is a webpage for it: I attempted, twice, to read the article, and both times I got the message that there was a "Gateway Timeout" (whatever that means) and it would not show me the site.
Then you say: "and the writer's name is in big letters." As if I care who the writer is.
Then you say: "I'd suggest you send that answer of yours to that website address." Am I supposed to be intimidated by this person? Are you daring me to send my anser to this he/she? I would in a hot flash if their frickin' site would show online.
You say: "I don't know if the author is or not American but you could ask there." So, you are so respectful of this author, that you are so intimate with his/her writing, that you know such details as to his/her background. Geez. I wish I was so trusting of people whou spout off political ideoligies. I'd personally like to know the religious/political/ethnic background of a person before I start spouting thier ideas. Sorry, tha may sound 'racist', but in this day and age, one cannot be too careful! :)

You say, and show your ignorance in doing so, that: "Just before that sentence you said that "the average american knows what is what". You sound like a nice person but your answer makes me wonder how you are with those who speak with an accent or happen not to be of arian descent. I also wonder how you would describe that average american. Hmmm." My answer: 'I'm and Irish/Cherokee American. My anscestors are basically Irish (and I'm proud of it), but legally I could also ascribe to the Cherokee nation. My daughters cannot legally ascribe to the Cherokee nation, as the bloodline "wears out" with me, as I'm the last in the line to claim Cherokee blood. I suppose that is 'racist' in your thinking, but that's how it goes, and none of us have a problem with that. By apprearance I'm Anglo. My oldest daughter is dating an Italian. I like him. My neighbor's across the street are of Scandinavian blood. Their youngest daughter got pregnant by an African American. My kids play with, and consider the offspring (mixed-blood) their friend. We have her over all of the time, and treat her with respect. We do not discourage this friendship, but encourage it. The neighbors to the left of us are also Irish, and their middle daughter got pregnant by an African American. We have no problem with the child, and accept this mixed couple into our home.
My youngest daughter's best friend is Korean/Anglo. We love this Korean/Anglo kid.
My cousin is married to a Korean woman. The kids are obviously Korean/American.
It's suspected that my great-grandmother on my Mom's side was a Jewess.
Shall I continue?
You think I'm a racist? Give me a frickin' break. I'm not a racist.
Am I proud of my Anglo blood? Damn right I am. I'm also proud of the fact that my kids' best friends are mixed-blood. I'm proud of my Korean/Anglo family. Don't give me this racist crap. That's just a frickin' smoke screen for your liberal garbage.
We are not racists. We are Equal Opportunists.

You also say: "Oh, before I forget, I guess you don't know that Hussein was enticed to invade Kuwait, right?" No, I was not aware of this tid bit of yours. I suppose you think that just because he was inticed, that that excuses the fact he did so. OK. Bravo. So the man is an idiot. Jumping at bones, just like a dog.