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The need for black and white

Posted by Thinker on April 07, 2003 at 04:57:41

In Reply to: Oil, to Thinker posted by Mike W. on April 06, 2003 at 23:59:47:

"You may doubt, but I assert that history will speak against you, aand the others who speak evil ideas and thoughts against Mr. Bush and the US/Coalitiion forces."

A few things stuck out to me from that statement. There were the key words "doubt", "evil", and "thoughts against Mr. Bush".

Apparently it has become imperative for people to believe and not doubt (by the way, questioning and doubting are 2 different things to me) Bush and his war effort. And this is the big push for polarization you are caught up in:

You are with us or against us. You believe like we do or you believe in the enemy. Black or white. Righteousness vs evil. So are you a good guy or a bad guy? Where do your sypmanthies lie exactly, with Saddam? Are you an enemy?

There is an obvious need for simplistic "good guys" vs "bad guys". This friend or foe mentality being promoted by the current war climate. The need for creating sides is pursued with almost religious fervour. Then in order for for war to work, there has to be a level of committment, usually achieved through each side dehumanizing the other side, and seeing themselves as the good guys.

Before I continue I guess it's necessary to cover my ass or else I'll get accused things I never even said: For the record, I see Saddam is a bad, evil dictator. The Iraqi regime does commit crimes against humanity. Many of my friends suffered under his rule and want him dead.

What I don't buy into is the "America" is all 100% righteous idea, But I never said the US has to be all 100% righteous either. I don't think that is a prerequisite for my supporting the war effort, which for the record, although I have mixed feelings about war, I do support.

What is my problem? For me, we are not dealing with simplistic good guys vs. bad guys, we are dealing with kinda one-sided bad-ass guys vs. really evil guys with no regard for humanity.

For you and many others however, this whole war fever seems to be about righteous Christian USA exporting the gospel and freedom and justice.

I do believe there are righteous reasons involved, just as much as there are dirty reasons mixed in.

So what, you ask? So nothing. So just don't keep selling me the idea it's all 100% righteousness, don't throw around sweeping statements with distortions of facts, don't ignore historical facts, give a balanced view as much as possible, and I'm fine.

Saddam is evil. Thank God for the USA being used by part selfish, part righteous motives to get in there. It's not like once you have more balanced thinking that you get paralyzed, and unable to make decisions where you stand and commit yourself.

As much as I don't think the US is 100% righteous, seeing what Saddam has done to my friends, if I were younger I'd have signed up to get in on the action myself. And THAT, even though I laugh when Bush talks. Can you understand it? These are not just words. I came close to being in the military several times. It's just that I ahve also been in war zones, and I prefer peace if we can have it. My own father has fought in WW2, and I come from a family that although not blinded by laughable rhetoric, will lay down our lives and fight.